Clash of Ethnic

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Writer-Sachindra Shrestha

March 23 ,

People from village, city are protesting against
discrimination in cast revolting to salvage their rights chained as
one. For the sustainable and inclusive development of Nepal, apart
from ‘Dalit’, unattended class, society, tribes they all should come
together. The people ‘Dalit’ is not Dalit by themselves, it’s their
behavior, attitude, and culture, religion which has been given a
different recognition by our society and still is. To be born as Dalit
is not a sin of our past life, it’s their attitude and behavior.
In 2007 B.S, along with people movement, there has been protest
against cast discrimination. With that movement, in the year 2020 it
is legally implemented and cast discrimination was illegalized and
abolished. Despite of all these efforts in this 21st century still
this cast discrimination couldn’t be unrooted. Within the Dalit too
there has been conflict between so called superior and inferior cast.
The people who are so called superior and rich cast they hate the
other inferior cast people and under this category is Dalit as well.
Within Dalit, there are numerous cases of so called superior and rich
Dalit, still the cases are unsolved. From the point of view of
occupation which are low paid, daily basis of labour, untrustworthy
all these made them more hate rate character and also their unhygienic
way of lifestyle, Things has changed now regarding their occupation,
attitude, hygiene, involvement in different organization, good
political background, but the conflict in between Dalit has forced
them to be grounded.
Dalit are not discriminated by other instead by their own which are
called superior and rich. They have built a wall in between them. And
this is only the reason that they couldn’t get the expected
development and achievement. The key point behind this is
discrimination among them, unorganized an unsustainable programmers,
political conflicts, hiding the identity/changing the identity, not
having proper inspection and analysis of Dalit based programmers. It
is very important to uproot this kinds of weakness and should have
brotherhood among them, and conservation of their cast and culture. We
find that Dalit are excluded in the name of culture, tradition,
religion and other religious things and on top of that they are
accused of witch and are exiled, untouchability, prohibiting to enter
the temple and this has played a huge role for young Dalit to work
After the democracy, in different political protest the sacrifice and
involvement of Dalit are unaccountable. Within them who are wise and
educated they are ahead of all. But it doesn’t meant to say other cast
as Brahmans and unattended cast are of no good. It is only to clarify
that when we say superior cast are always think of Brahmans and it is
to abolish the discrimination.
On this topic, about a year ago Miss Rama B.K.(Name change) was
forced to leave the room by her landlord, who was studying, after
finding out she was a Dalit. She say “When i was looking for a room i
hide my identity but later my parents told we are B.K(Bishwakarma)
when my parent left and after two days my landlord force me to leave.”
So to add more to this topic another victim Miss Sujata Nepali (Name
changed) who has been working in a NGO organization and also lives in
the same office apartment. Her landlord is a Brahmin and she has a
very good relationship with her landlord. They have formal hi, hello
and they also sometime dined together. There are other people with
different other cast as well. She told us that “Once we were having
snack break after our staff meeting is over. My landlord came back
from the temple and start giving Tika and Prasad to everyone but not
to me. I was very surprised and began thinking that before we use to
dine together but sudden change, why? Later i came to know that some
of my college has told my landlord that i am a Dalit.
This is just a story of some people that came into light but
there are many other still under the shade. We all need to act and
unroot it and this only possible if we come together.

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